The Essentials

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At East End Assemblies, Inc. we use only the highest quality equipment for all the jobs that we perform.

List of current equipment

These durable products are made by the finest manufacturers in the industry.

Equipment Description
3 Yamaha S20's
High Speed Pick and Place
550 Assorted Feeders
Feeders for Pick and Place Machine
Automated Conveyor System
Conveyor for in Between Both Pick and Place Machines
2 Heller Reflow Oven
16 Zone Reflow Oven for SM Boards
Nu/Era-c Technical Device Wave Solder
20″ Wave Solder Machine
229 Electrovert Solder Machine
20″ Wave Solder Machine
Carpenter Wire Cutter and Stripper
High Speed Wire Cutting Machine
Automated Tubing and Wire Cutter
High Speed Tubing Cutter
Roto Trim Mass Trimmer
High Speed Lead Trimmer
T862 SM and BGA Rework Station
SMT Reworks Station
Eraser Coil Stripper
Coil Stripping Machine
500 Assorted Crimping Tools
Various Crimping Tools for Cables
Aqueos Water Cleaner
X-Ray Nicolet Imaging Systems
Full X-Ray Service (SIM Card Data Capture)
Extra Eye First Article Inspection Machine
Saki 3D AOI Series
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